Child & Adolescent Therapy

As counselors and parents, we know that it is both scary and agonizing to see our children suffering. You are looking at this page on Child and Adolescent Therapy because you are concerned about your child or a loved one.

Our initial free consultation is with both you, the parents and/or caregivers, and the child or adolescent. This is a time for us to get to know you, what issues and concerns you are facing, and what you have tried already to make things better.
This is also an opportunity for you and your child to get to know us! We welcome any and all questions. Therapy is only as effective as the relationship we create with our clients.

During the initial consultation, you may not yet know if we are the perfect fit for your child, teen, or family. However, you should have a sense of how we work, who we are, and feel a sense of connection. It is vital that we hear your story and your concerns, so that we can best help you navigate this challenging time. Since both of us are also parents and have experiences with our own biological and stepchildren, and our own nuclear family and blended family issues, we know how hard this first step can be.

As therapists, we use evidence-based play therapy and child/adolescent counseling methods to help your child and your family. Child and adolescent counseling includes family therapy. We utilize a systemic approach to treating children. Therefore, to see the most effective changes in mood, behavior, cognitions, and relationship interactions, parents and/or caregivers will be involved in some of the counseling process. We may recommend that you join us for part of the session, a family session, and/or a parenting support session. We have seen that children and adolescents make more timely and sustainable progress if we all work together.

Children and Adolescents whom we treat come to us for a variety of reasons, including:
Body image and weight issues
Cutting and self-mutilation
Eating Disorders
Family/life transitions (marriage, divorce, blended family, new sibling, move, new school, adoption/foster care)
Relationship Concerns
Suicidal Ideation
Identity issues

In sessions with us, your child or teen will do a variety of different activities that are specially designed to meet her or his individual needs. Some children are very vocal and want to spend the time talking, while others are more artistic and might engage in art therapy activities. Younger children often use play as a way to communicate. So we will play and engage in evidenced-based therapeutic activities, such as sand tray, therapeutic games, storytelling, and skill-building activities. They may come out of session saying “that was fun!” Don’t worry, therapy can be fun as well as very effective. Other times they may leave the session with tears in their eyes. Therapy can also be emotional and bring up strong memories and old emotional wounds. That’s ok, too. We will work to balance your child’s individual needs within the therapeutic process so that they can heal, process, and grow.

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